Bonding Gel for i-Lift Lashes.

The bonding gel is designed to adhere the shields to the eyelid. The bonding is also used to bond the lashes to the shield.

You will need to apply your i-Lift Bond in gradual stages. The best practice is to apply in small sections working across the shield. You will need to carefully lift the lashes back onto the bonded section of the shield using your i-Lift Wand. Thorough prep with protein remover pads will ensure that you bond the lashes securely from the root to the tip.

It is important that the lashes are all straight and are not crossed over each other. Then you will need to use the point of your i-Lift tool to help straighten and separate.

This needs to be repeated over the rest of the shield until all the lashes are bonded and then repeat this procedure on the other eye. Once both eyes have been bonded, it is good practice to gently open each eye to ensure that none of the lower lashes have been bonded to the upper lashes.

Always carry out a patch test prior to treatment.

Tech Tip

Ensure that the brush is replaced and container is closed throughout the application process to ensure longevity of the bonding gel.