Relax – Sachet 1

Relax for i-Lift Lashes™ Sachet 1 includes

x 5 Sachets of stage 1

Sachet 1 is a pink coloured lotion that makes application and removal easier due to the bright colour. The lotion will break down the bonds of the clients natural lashes allowing them to be positioned into their new shape.

How to use

First of all, decant some lotion into your dappen dish and using a micro brush. Also remember to give the product a good stir to ensure an even consistency. Apply the i-Lift Lashes™ Relax evenly and gently from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Product should be placed from the root to the mid section of the clients eyelashes. Apply a small amount so that non can run onto the wet line of the eye. Ensure that no product gets into the wet line of the clients eye and that no product comes into contact with the tips of the lashes. Once the processing time is up, gently remove the product in an upwards direction away from the eye with a micro brush.


Follow the suggested timings for the product and ensure that the lotion is thoroughly removed before applying sachet 2 – Repair.

An initial consultation should be carried out with the customer and you must also fill in a client record card with them. Always carry out a patch test with the client prior to treatment. Follow your training & insurance advice. These products are exclusively for trained, qualified technicians in eyelash lifting.

They are for Professional lash lift qualified Use Only.

This information is a guide therefore not a substitute for accredited therapist training.