Restore – Sachet 3 for  i-Lift Lashes™ includes

x 5 Sachets of stage 3

Sachet 3 is a semi-sheer clear liquid. i-Lift Lashes™ Restore is designed to replenish and restore the lashes with oils and moisture as well as breaking down the adhesive bond and cleaning any remnants of the colour fuse.

How to use restore

First of all, decant some i-Lift Lashes™ Restore in a clean dappen dish and use a clean micro brush to apply to the clients lashes. As you apply the  i-Lift Lashes™ Restore gently over the lashes you will start to see the lashes loosen and then slowly start to lift up off the shield.  Take care not to let any product run into the clients eyes.

Restore is a dual purpose product

Once you are confident that all the lashes have been released from the shield you will then need to remove the shield. To remove the shield you will need to apply the i-Lift Lashes™ Restore using a cotton bud underneath the shield in-between the skin and the shield, this will soften and break down the adhesive bond and will enable you to remove the shield from the skin.

Do not remove the shield until all the lashes have been lifted off it otherwise you risk pulling out the lashes. As a finishing touch you can use a damp cotton wool pad to wipe under and around the eye area to remove any excess residue and then comb through the lashes.

Ask your client to slowly sit up with their eyes closed; you will need to assist them with this then you can ask them to open their eyes. This is now your final opportunity to check over the lashes to ensure you have an even lift and also to re comb through the lashes to separate any lashes that may have crossed. Your i-Lift treatment is now complete and you can show your client the final amazing result with a mirror!


An initial consultation should be carried out with the customer and you must also fill in a client record card with them. Always carry out a patch test with the client prior to treatment. Follow your training & insurance advice. These products are exclusively for trained, qualified technicians in eyelash lifting.

They are for Professional lash lift qualified Use Only.

This information is a guide therefore not a substitute for accredited therapist training.